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I just paid for a subscription only to find you don't have anything on Hugo's poem "Et nox facta est". Can I expect to not find other literature pieces I'll need also?

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I am sorry that you could not immediately find what you are looking for. Unfortunately, the literature world contains too many texts for one site to provide summaries on everything.

But, here is where your subscription benefits you. You can pose as many questions to the editors of eNotes as you wish. The editors on eNotes are very educated and can answer any questions you pose.

Also, another benefit of the site, as a member, your questions are denoted by a star. These questions have the highest priority over all other questions. All you need to do is simply pose a question on the poem your are needing information on and you will receive an answer very quickly.

Sorry the information was not readily available, but by posing a specific question, you will get a very thought out and direct answer.