I just need help for creating a better thesis statement regarding politics. 

Expert Answers
Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I can help you to the degree I am able to give you general advice on thesis statements and on politics.  The kind of essay you are expected to write, for example, an informative essay, an argumentative/persuasive essay, a cause and effect essay, or a compare and contrast essay, is going to affect the nature of your thesis statement.  

But in any event, a thesis statement is meant to make an assertion of your main idea along with providing the points you wish to make to support that assertion.  For example, you may want to argue that the political process in the United States is a disaster right now.  A thesis statement for such an assertion could look like this:

Politics in the United States at the present time are a disaster, with gridlock in the legislative body, with Americans having less faith in their political institutions than at any other time in history, and with the present presidential campaign being mired in personality and fear, rather than premised upon ideas and policies. 

I have made an assertion here, and then I "list" the evidence I will be using to support that assertion.

If I wanted to have a cause and effect kind of essay, here is thesis statement I might use:

Because of the nature of campaign financing today, campaigns have become orgies of expenditure, rather than full and fair explications of candidates' positions.

I am in that thesis statement asserting a cause and effect, which I will support with evidence in my body paragraphs.

So, your thesis statement is going to depend on the nature of the essay you are expected to write, as well as what it is exactly, that you wish to assert.  I hope this helps you, and as you home in on what your main idea is going to be, we can help you more to refine it.