What is the thesis of this article about Lord of the Flies?   

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Leverett states his thesis very clearly in the first paragraph. He wants to argue that, in his words, that "Ralph is William Golding in story-character form." In other words, Golding portrayed many of what he saw as his own character traits in Ralph. Leverett argues that much like Ralph, Golding lost his innocence (during World War II) and like Ralph, he regretted doing so. He briefly broke with the convictions that usually guided his life, and returned to them aware, unlike before, of the violent, destructive, "savage" side of human nature. Leverett concludes by citing some other examples when Golding definitely portrayed himself in his writing. So according to Leverett at least, Golding wrote his own internal struggles into the plot of Lord of the Flies

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This is about Golding Cameo by Tony Leverett, by the way.

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