In "A Jury Of Her Peers," what aspect of human nature is reavealed in the story, and how is it revealed?Provide insight on the plausable guilt or innocence of Minnie Foster

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wshoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Many aspects of human nature are revealed in Glaspell's story.  Most importantly is the intuitive nature of women.  The men who come to investigate Minnie assume their wives are not capable of finding clues, so it is ironic that these men are unable to see the clues and understanding the meanings they imply.  Minnie has received the same treatment from her husband.  Her home is worn down and in need of repair.  When the dead bird is discovered it is obvious that Minnie is guilty of killing her husband.  The bird represented life and hope for Minnie in an otherwise miserable existence.  To the men the kitchen is a sign of Minnie's laziness, but the women know how depressed she must have been.  The small clues they discover understand are overlooked by the men because the men are unable to truly understand the "trivial" lives of women. 

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