In The Jungle, what contrast between the old country and the new and between the older and younger generations are evident at the wedding?In chapter one

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James Kelley eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I dont' have a copy of the novel on hand, but I do remember that the younger people don't respect all of the traditions from the honeland. The detail that most stuck with me, years after reading the novel, is that many of the younger generation eat the food and drink the alcohol but then duck out -- rather than contribute money, by tossing it into a hat, I believe. I know that weddings are often very expensive events, and in a lot of countries (including Lithuania, apparently) the most common gift at a wedding ceremony is money, which helps cover the cost of the event and hopefully gives the new couple something to start their married life with.

xoangiemillerxo | Student

Well, like this other person wrote, the younger generation was much more disrespectful and didn't celebration according to the original tradition. The older generation, however, celebrated with the bride and groom according to the orginal traditions. They also showed the couple more respect and didn't take advantage of them.