June asked her mother, who is an accountant, to identify ten opportunities that a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) may receive with the advent of data analytics. Please help June.

Opportunities that a certified public accountant may receive with the advent of data analytics include data production, data consumption, creating data models, and developing algorithms.

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With the advent of data analytics in certified public accounting, June’s mom should be able to tell her daughter about several opportunities available for someone who’s proficient in data analytics.

For instance, June could become a financial data analyst, an internal audit data analyst, a financial planning and business analyst, or, for someone who’s just starting out in the field, a junior business analyst.

With the last opportunity on the list, June will have the ability to produce data. She’ll be looking at applicable data and subjecting it to relevant analysis.

If June sticks with accounting, she should rise to a senior position where she’ll gain the opportunity to engage in analytics consumption. At this level, June will assess the information from the produced data. She’ll then use the insights to help make important decisions regarding expenditure, investments, and so on.

Additionally, it’s possible that June could obtain a position where she’ll have the opportunity to create data models and algorithms. From the data models and algorithms that June develops, equally important decisions regarding spending and strategy will likely be made.

Finally, June could find herself in a position where she’s responsible for ensuring that a firm's data is accurate and hasn’t been compromised in any way. If an accounting firm is building a strategy around erroneous data, that strategy probably won’t be too successful.

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