Discuss the Jumanos Tribe and what that region of Texas looks like.

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The Jumano Indians can first be pinpointed in the notes of Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca.  He and his three companions were the individuals of Narvaez expedition.  In his writings deVaca does not name them: He simply calls them the "Cow Nation."  His later revelations, in his writings, make it evident that he had to be talking about the Jumano.

Jumano tribes, were located in areas of Texas and New Mexico. The Jumano were split into two groups.  One group was known as the Plains were found in Texas, and located near or alongside the Rio Grande river. The Plains group moved around a lot.  The second group of Jumano’s were the Pueblos and were located in what is now New Mexico; although, there are reports of the group traveling into areas of Texas.

The two groups remained close to the Rio Grande but only worked together occasionally.  They moved along the river when the weather changed. Their camps and homes were found as far east as the Pecos Range

“Jumano camps, were found located in the High Plains of western Texas and on eastward-flowing rivers such as the Rio de las Nueces (a stream which is generally identified today with the Rio Colorado of Texas)."

The Pueblos lived in houses made of bricks, while the Plains lived in different places over the course of a year, moving when they needed to. These two groups were connected under the banner of the Jumano tribe.