Julius Caesar- Help with Cassius!! I read Julius Caesar in class and I have some questions about Cassius... What does he think about? What does he love the most? What are his motives? If he was to carry 2 objcts with him, what would represent him? What are his beliefs and morals? I can't think of anything for the last two ! :(

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Shakespeare portrays Cassius as a miser. He loves gold more than anything. He might be carrying a bag of money and a scroll for keeping track of everything he spent. He believes in looking out for his own interests at all times. He says that he wouldn't have wanted Caesar killed if Caesar had liked him the way he did Brutus. He believes that all men are as selfish as himself. He has a bad temper. He is extremely worldly wise. Caesar says he is a great reader, so Cassius might be carrying something to read. It would have to be something of a very practical nature, not poetry or philosophy.


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Cassius may carry a dagger in case he needs to stab someone in the back...but maybe that is too literal an idea. He may also carry a writing utensil, bribe money...

He is ambitious and seeks power and influence more than anything else. However, Cassius is not disloyal to Rome. He feels that he knows what is best for Rome and so wants to put his ideas ahead of the ideas of others.

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This might help.


I'd say Cassius is an ends justify the means kind of guy.  You might have him hold a knife and something to represent power, a key perhaps?  That is what he wants.  You might also include something that shows he is jealous of Caesar- a mirror?

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