Describe Juliet's relationship with the Nurse and explain how it changes and why.

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At the beginning of the play up until Romeo is banished, Juliet and the Nurse have a very close relationship, much like a daughter and a mother. Juliet is more willing to share her thoughts with the Nurse than her mother. When she meets Romeo, Juliet tells the Nurse all about it, and the Nurse is involved in their plans for marriage. The Nurse truly cares about Juliet's happiness. However, she makes a big mistake when Romeo kills Tybalt and is banished as a result. The Nurse turns against Romeo and suggests that Julieit should go ahead and marry Paris, even though she's married to Romeo. This is when Juliet stops confiding in the Nurse and depends solely on Friar Laurence for help. Juliet can no longer trust the Nurse if she does not support her marriage to Romeo.

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