In Julie of the Wolves, what are some ways that Julie stays alive?

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Julie/Miyax stays alive by cutting and drying caribou meat, curling up into her animal skins, creating a sod shelter, and using all of her innate Eskimo knowledge taught to her by her father, Kapugen; however, most importantly, Julie stays alive by learning the ways of the wolves, accepting their help when it is prudent, and actually becoming part of the wolf pack.

In regards to learning from the wolf pack and its leader, Amaroq, Julie adopts many different means of survival.  The first "way" Julie stays alive is by taking her father's advice:

Wolves are brotherly ... they love each other, and if you learn to speak to them, they will love you too.

Believing the wolves are her "gentle brothers," Julie learns the meanings behind their ear movements and mimics them with her hands.  Immediately following this, Julie learns more ways to show submission.  By running up to Amaroq and turning belly-up in submission (like a wolf-pup), Julie becomes part of the pack.  As one of the "pups," Julie is offered regurgitated food (which is their main source of nourishment).  As the pups get older, Julie is offered raw caribou meat that she dries in order to save for use when needed.

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