What did Miyax name the wolf group, and describe each wolf's role in "Julie of the Wolves". Please help me on this one!! Thank you so much!

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Miyax has a name for each member of her "wolf family".  She calls the patriarch and leader of the pack, a "regal black wolf", "Amaroq".  Amaroq's mate, and the mother of the pups in the family, is an exceptionally beautiful animal whose fur seems to sparkle in the light of the sun such that she seems to glow.  Miyax names her Silver, and to another adult gray wolf in the pack, she gives the name "Nails".  The third adult wolf in the group occupies an obviously lesser status than the others.  He is a pathetic, cowering creature, and when Miyax sees him rolling "trembling (on) his back and wriggl(ing)", she calls him "Jello".

There are five pups in Miyax's "wolf family".  The largest, bravest one she names "Kapu", after her own father, "Kapugen".  She calls a quiet female in the group "Sister", and the "three tawny pups who had little personality" to her at first "Zing", "Zat", and "Zit".

Amoroq and his mate Silver are the undisputed king and queen of the pack.  Nails is Amoroq's "dependable friend...(and) spiritual father of the pups"; he takes orders from Amaroq, but stay(s) close to Silver and the little wolves.  Jello is an outcast, tolerated only as long as he is subservient.  He receives the lowly task of babysitting the pups while the other adults go out hunting, and gets the scraps after all the others have eaten (Part 1).

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