Judging by the federal budget allocations of funds to different policy areas, what are our national priorities?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Judging by the percent of the budget that the federal government devotes to various types of spending, it is clear that our major priority is to provide a basic level of income and health care to our senior citizens and, to some extent, to our poorer citizens.  This can be seen from the fact that spending on Medicare (health care for the elderly) and Medicaid (poor people) is the biggest chunk of the budget, followed by spending on Social Security (essentially pensions for retirees).  Outside of that, the biggest priority seems to be defense, with defense accounting for more spending than all discretionary domestic programs.

emanneh | Student

An analysis of our budget based on an examination of a graph from a government website is a beginning step to the answer to this specifc question.

One can see that from an analysis of the given bar graph in the website that the areas the government is focusing on is the Department of Defense and Health and Human Services. If one looks at the issues to date in our government it appears to support this graph when numerous funds have been spent on the wars in Afganistan as well as the the just completed Iraqi war. Health and Human Services has required a great deal of money because of the great amount of umemployment.

In addition the graph supports the decrease in education with all the budget cuts in education. The Treasury Department has also risen with the money given to the banks to try to help those individuals in the housing industry.

The funding has risen for the Veterans' for the amount needed to help all the returning individuals from Iraq.

Therefore, in conclusion, from the study of this graph and a reflection of daily news one can arrive at the conclusion that the Department of Defense and Health and Human Services is a top priority.