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In Journey to the West by Wu Cheng 'En, what is the summary of the last chapter (Chapter 100), and what is the chapter's surprise ending?    

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In Chapter 100, the people of Chen Village are devastated when they discover that the four travelers have left. They use the food they have prepared for the travelers as sacrificial offerings, and from then on, yearly sacrifices are made in the Buddhas' honor.

The travelers eventually come to the Watching For the Scriptures Tower and are met by Emperor Taizong. Delighted to see them, the Emperor bids the Tang priest and his three companions follow him back to the palace. At the palace, the Emperor invites the Tang priest to sit in the throne hall; Monkey, Pig, and Friar Sand unpack the scrolls, and the Emperor demands to know how many scriptures there are and how the scriptures were found.

Sanzang (the Tang priest) answers that the Lord Buddha had originally given the travelers "blank, wordless versions" of the scriptures. In order to recover the real ones, the travelers had to hand over their "begging bowl of purple gold" to the two arhats, Ananda and...

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