Critically discuss the significance of the journey to the lighthouse in expressing and developing the themes in "To the Lighthouse"?

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The titular lighthouse of Virginia Woolf's masterpiece of stream-of-consciousness prose To the Lighthouse is both a real place and a symbolic one.

In Part One, Mrs. Ramsey is knitting a present for the child of the lighthouse keeper. Her young son is very excited about going to the lighthouse in their boat the next day to deliver the present, but her husband is adamant that the weather will not allow it. Mrs. Ramsey, for her part, would rather let the boy think the journey is a possibility than crush his hopes with practical concerns. Throughout this entire section, Mr. Ramsey is more concerned with his internal intellectual progress than with the details of the mild domestic drama unfolding around him. He worries he has reached an intellectual plateau and is desperately trying to get beyond the limits of his own mind. Thus we can see that the lighthouse means different things for each character...

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