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What arguments did Joseph Howe, a prominent Nova Scotia politician, advance in arguing against Nova Scotia's joing the Confederation, and why the province should leave it?  

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Joseph Howe's career as a prominent journalist and politician whose limited formal education did not hinder his rise in either profession was a major advocate for Nova Scotia's independence and led the province's opposition to joining the Confederation.  First using his control of the Novascotian newspaper as a platform from which to rail against local politics and corruption and in support of freedom of speech, and later as a candidate for public office with an anti-corruption agenda, Howe succeeded in being elected to a series of positions in Nova Scotia's provincial government, including serving as its premier from 1860 to 1863.

Seeing the Canadian Confederation as a threat to the region's close relationship to Britain, and to Nova Scotia's control over its own affairs, Howe sought to keep Nova Scotia independent from Canada .  The province's relatively small population meant little political representation in the nation's parliament, and consequently little political power for...

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