In Jose Antonio Villarreal's novel Pocho, how does Consuelo change?

Expert Answers
Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Poor Consuelo is a character with such a sad story, in my opinion.  Originally, she is so very loyal as a wife and mother.  As such, she has no less than nine children! 

Our first impression of her (in addition to loyalty) is that she is happily amazed by the freedoms of the United States.  Unfortunately, it is precisely this liberty that leads her to jealousy and the end of her nuclear family.  In the middle of the changes in regards to Consuelo's character, she feels ashamed due to her lack of knowledge.  She doesn't have a formal education.  She doesn't have the street-smarts she needs to help her husband maneuver in the United States.  She is only able to love him and to satisfy him in a physical way. Here is a quotation that shows Consuelo doesn't have a very good sense of self:

She took a few steps, and suddenly she did not know where she was going, or for what reason she was outside the house. She looked at the lamp in her hand for a long moment, then set it on the ground and wandered aimlessly.

The true change in Consuelo happens when her husband leaves her.  This throws her into a midlife crisis.  Consuelo becomes unhappy, disillusioned, lonely, and even bitter.  Due to these feelings that she seems unable to pull herself out of, she seems to be destined to remain an unhappy and unfulfilled person.