In Jordan Lake in NC, what are 3 enviromental concerns?

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I actually used to live very close to this lake in central North Carolina and am quite familiar with it.  Jordan Lake is a man-made body of water that was constructed through the damming of the Haw and New Hope Rivers.  It serves as a recreation area and also as a water reservoir for the Raleigh/Cary municipal water supplies.  As a supplier of drinking water for a large city, the first environmental concern is for the cleanliness of the water.  As such, there is no building construction allowed on the shoreline to minimize chemical runoff into the lake.  Another environmental concern for the lake is maintaining the beauty of the surrounding area since it serves as a recreation area that supports local businesses.  Minimizing development of the surrounding lands has helped achieve that.  One final environmental concern is the amount of litter that can accumulate in and around the lake over time due to storm water runoff and general carelessness.  Recently there have been major efforts to de-litter the area for water quality and aesthetic reasons.

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