How do Obstinate and Faithful show the traits they're named for, and how do they affect Christian's journey in the allegory The Pilgrim's Progress?

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Obstinate, and other characters like him such as Pliable and Vanity Fair, demonstrate the negative meaning of the words that are their names by the way they think and behave. Other characters, such as Help, Hopeful, and Faithful, demonstrate the positive meanings of the words that are their names also by the way they think and behave. To illustrate the point through Obstinate, When Christian is running from the City of Destruction where he was born and had a wife and children ("the man ... ran on, crying, Life! life! eternal life!"), his neighbors come out to watch him run ("The neighbours also came out to see him run"). One among them is his neighbor Obstinate, who chases after Christian to try to stop him and force him to come back (Pliable goes in pursuit with him).

His obstinacy is shown when he not only rejects...

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