Johann Gutenberg

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Examine the historical landscape surrounding Gutenberg.

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One element of the historical landscape that Gutenberg reflected was the spirit of endeavor and innovation that was taking a firm hold of Europe.  The emerging Renaissance movement was present at Gutenberg's time period. The only tangible evidence we have of the printing press's development is through court transcripts, brought out against Gutenberg.  The people from whom he procured money for financial projects sued him for what amounted to be misappropriation and misuse of funds.  The spirit of invention, to make something new and to embark on a dream or scheme, is a part of the Renaissance time period was intrinsic to Gutenberg's historical period.

The invention of the printing press, itself, also reflected the Renaissance's spirit of "can do."  The notion of reprinting books on type, such as the Gutenberg Bible, is a reflection of transformative capacity of the time...

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