In "Great Expectations," Joe visits Pip. How is he received? How has Pip changed? How does Joe treat Pip?

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amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 27, Joe visits Pip and is made to feel uncomfortable and inferior to Pip.  Joe stands awkwardly, holds his hat as if it were a nest with eggs in it (even funnier since the hat keeps falling off the mantle and Joe has to snatch it from the air before it hits the ground).  Joe's eating habits make dinner uncomfortable, and Joe keeps calling Pip "Sir" as if they barely know one another.

Pip is snooty, condescending, and unloving toward Joe.  He has forgotten his roots and how Joe loved and protected him from Mrs. Joe during his younger years. 

Joe is not treated kindly by Pip and does not stay long.  Before leaving, he tells Pip that he will not return to London to visit Pip, but asks Pip to come to the forge to visit Joe and Biddy where they are most at home and most comfortable.

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