For the Joads in "The Grapes of Wrath" book, how is life different at the Hooper ranch camp?

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At the Hooper Ranch, where the family picked peaches, life was very hard.  Fruit had to be picked carefully to avoid bruising the fruit. Since the ranch was not near a town, food was purchased from the store on the property where prices were higher than normal.  That made the family have to be even more frugal with their meager earnings.  The people running the farm were surly and suspicious people, checking the family's name several times to be sure that there was no trouble.  The family came to the Hooper Ranch after they life the government-run camp, Weedpatch.  Life at Weedpatch had been good - it was clean, well-organized by the campers themselves, and people respected one another.  People were friendly there, too. The only reason they left Weedpatch was because there was no work in that area.  The cabin the family moved into at the Hooper Ranch was not clean and people kept to themselves.  The Hooper Ranch was quite different from Weedpatch, but every place the Joads went was different from any other place they'd been.  The two camps - Weedpatch and the Hooper Ranch - are in sharp contrast to one another.  Weedpatch showed hope and Hooper Ranch showed despair, but through the protesting by Casy and his group, there is some hope shown.

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