In "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", describe Jim's dislike of King Solomon

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mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

King Solomon, widely regarded for his incredible wisdom, doesn't hold much esteem in Jim's eyes.  Huck claims that Solomon "was the wisest man" but Jim disagrees stating that the king "had some er de dad-fetchedes' ways I ever see", meaning, the strangest ways.  Jim's reasoning on the story about Solmon threatening to cut the baby in two to see who its real mother was actually makes sense. His first beef with it is that it's a waste of a baby:  "What use is half a chile (child)?  I wouldn't give a dern for a million un um." Secondly, Jim figures that since Solomon has a huge harem of wives, he probably  has "bout five million chillen runnin' around" and so doesn't really care about one potentially being sliced in half since he's got plenty to spare.  Huck think's Jim's reasoning is "the most down on Solomon of any nigger I ever see".  But, Jim's reasons, although unique, do make perfect sense, if you think about it.

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