Is Jetblue likely to continue being successful in building customer relationships?

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Jetblue has demonstrated that it is committed to maintaining its reputation for high levels of customer satisfaction.  A recent North American Airline Satisfaction Study conducted by J.D. Power and Associates again ranked Jetblue, along with Alaska Airlines, as enjoying the highest levels of customer satisfaction throughout the commercial airline industry.  Some airline industry analysts have speculated that other, larger airlines are beginning to adopt Jetblue's model of customer relations in a way of building more positive image among the traveling public.

Whether Jetblue can continue to enjoy a high level of customer satisfaction remains largely within its power.  Principles of sound management dictate that it maintain a certain level of standards for efficiency and cordiality over a protracted period of time.  To date, it has done so; if Jetblue executives begin to take that situation for granted, however, airline employees could begin to let their attitudes and professionalism slide, with the resulting diminishment in its reputation as a customer-friendly airline.  Proper training of new employees, along with refresher courses for existing personnel, is often essential to maintain high levels of professionalism.  Any company that lets standards slip through a more lackadaisical approach to customer relations and to the performance of its core responsibilities will lose business, and that includes Jetblue.  For now, however, it remains an industry model.

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