Jesus sent out His disciples two by two to spread his message and imparted upon them the power to heal. Were they always successful? What factors determined whether they were successful or not?

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As the Bible Mysteries documentary makes clear, Jesus's disciples were not always successful when they went out to spread Jesus's message and heal people in His name. For one thing, not everyone was open to listening to the disciples' message. Some people simply had no interest in the message. They were too busy with their daily lives. Others were afraid of offending religious leaders who had already come into conflict with Jesus.

In terms of the healing ministry, whether or not someone was healed depended upon that person's faith. Jesus often made that clear, as when He asked the person He was about to heal if that person believed He could do it, and when He told a newly healed person to go in peace because their faith had healed them. The same was true when the disciples were healing in Jesus's name. If people didn't believe, they did not open themselves to the power of Jesus flowing through the disciples, and they were not healed.

When Jesus sent the disciples out two by two on their mission, He gave them some rules to follow. One of those rules was for when the people of a town refused to listen. Jesus told the disciples to shake the dust from their feet in testimony against that town and move on. For people to receive the message and the healing of Jesus, they had to want it and accept it.

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