JESUS CHRIST said, "Always forgive your enemies." I always forgive my enemies, do you? JESUS CHRIST said, "Always forgive your enemies." I always forgive my enemies, do you?

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I have personally always been pretty good at forgiveness, actually.  It is something that friends and family frequently tell me I'm good at.  I think part of this stems from the fact that I do not really have many enemies, and partly from my inability to hold grudges based on not remembering things that have hurt my feelings.

I often think it is easier to "forgive" enemies rather than friends.  By nature, an enemy is someone who is not for you, but against you.  Most people don't get hurt by their "enemies" but rather, by the people they love the most.  They say love and hate are opposites, but I believe that love and hate go hand in hand.  You cannot really hate someone you do not care about, or you wouldn't care enough to hate them.  In this sense, love and apathy tend to be a better pair of opposites to me.  When something says or does something out of enmity toward me, I'm pretty good at assuming something more personal is going on and forgiving them when the root of the issue is exposed.

The "enemies" I have the hardest time "forgiving" however, tend not to be people, but circumstances, or societal flaws.  I have a hard time "forgiving" attitudes of entitlement and helplessness.  I have a hard time forgiving ignorance and narrow-mindedness.  I have a really hard time forgiving disingenuous attitudes and pretension.  As a result, I tend not to spend time getting close to the people who display such attitudes.  I guess I don't really consider the people in such cases, the enemy, but rather the attitude.

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