jessica watson's homecomingdescribe the homecoming. was the medai coverage fair? Comparisons with jesse martin. what does it mean for the media to build heroes and knock them down?  

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am inclined to see that Watson received positive coverage from the media.  A simple web search reveals little, if any, harsh coverage from the media about her voyages and her status afterwards.  I think that she probably received more favorable coverage than Martin because of the fact of her age and gender being so impressive in terms of not having been done before.  Yet, I think that her notoriety is more accepted in nations where sailing is of relevance and importance.  For example, in America, she is not a household name and this might be seen as bias, but overall her coverage has been positive.  The media has not engaged, as of yet, in its building someone up only to tear them down.  This happens when someone bursts on the scene and the use of the media helps to enhance their image.  Then, though their own fault or of circumstances, their image begins to sour, losing its previously positive appeal.  It is at this point that the media "knocks down" the hero it created, either out of a dislike of the person or to appeal to consumers who find the previously vaulted hero as not as likable.