Stargirl Questions and Answers
by Jerry Spinelli

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In Jerry Spinelli's Stargirl, what are Kevin's character traits?   

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Kevin is Leo's friend and host of the high school's interview show called Hot Seat. He is a typical Mica Area High School student because he conforms to the norms and unspoken rules of what is accepted and expected at school and in town. Kevin is also one who would not want to rock the social boat negatively for himself, but he's not afraid to do it for Stargirl when he suggests having her as a guest on his show. In addition, Kevin is a good friend to Leo, but he doesn't feel very comfortable around Leo and Stargirl when they start dating because the whole school shuns her. When Leo asks Kevin about it in chapter 18, Kevin says the following:

"People blame her. For the team losing. For our undefeated season going down the toilet" (98).

Kevin still sits with Leo at lunch, but Leo feels that his friend might also blame Stargirl. Because of the shunning, Stargirl stops wearing prairie dresses and starts going by "Susan," which is her real name. It is only after Stargirl changes that Kevin feels more comfortable hanging out with the couple again. Therefore, Kevin is a static character because he remains the same type of person throughout the book. He represents the thoughts and feelings of the student body, but he is also supportive of his best friend Leo. He never changes his mind about Stargirl, nor does he do anything more than be a good friend to Leo.

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