Significance Of Pearl Harbour

Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, What is the significance of this event?

Expert Answers
besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This attack was considered very sneaky as there was no warning that it was going to happen what so ever. America was very surprised by this attack and Americans wanted to fight back afterwards. It is significant because Japan's intentions were to prevent the U.S. Pacific Fleet from opposing Japans planned conquest of other areas. There was a great loss of life. Ships went down and there was a lot of damage but the Pacific aircraft carriers did not sink and there was not a lot of fuel lost. The United States joined the war after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Needless to say, Japan's plan backfired.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As you should probably know, this bombing got the United States into World War II.  It led, therefore, to the defeat of Japan, but also to the defeat of Germany.

Before Pearl Harbor, Americans were dead set against getting involved in this war.  They felt it did not have to do with them.  But once Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Americans were gung ho to join the war and get revenge.

The Pearl Harbor attack led to Germany declaring war on the US and that really hurt Germany because US production capabilities (as well as soldiers) were a large part of defeating Germany.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Pearl harbour attack by Japanese had a major impact on the course events of World War II. In addition to marking the entry of Japan in World War II, it served the purpose of getting direct involvement of the USA in the war. Till then USA had supplied war material to Allied nations but had not declared war on any country. USA officially entered war on December 8, 1941. This is the day after bombing of Pearl Harbour. The ultimate results of world War II could have been quite different if USA had not been thus propelled to enter the war.

mkcapen1 | Student
Pearl Harbor set off a series of events that eventually led America and the allies into World War II. America was comfortable to sit back ad watch the other countries struggle until the bombs feel on an unsuspecting military base. Once Pearl Harbor was bomb Americans were angry and wanted revenge. It also meant that the enemy had waged war and America had to respond. For the Japanese families in America it meant a series of events that would be tragic and emotionally and financially damaging. My half sisters grandparents owned a large home in which they were raising seven children. They had a small farm and were prospering. Their families had been in America for three generations and knew very little about being part of the Japanese culture. The trucks and soldiers arrived on a Saturday, read them a paper served by their government and then loaded them aboard. They spent a long time in an incarceration camp along with other Japanese Americans. After the war they were released, but were never given their property or funds back. They moved to the south disheartened and let down by their country, America. Their story was not only theirs. It happened to many other Japanese families living in America.