In Japan, the Shinkansen is: a drama; a paper folding tecnique; a religious rite; a type of tea; a train

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The Shinkansen is a type of train.  The word “Shinkansen” does not actually mean “train” or “bullet train,” but it has come to be used as the name for Japanese bullet trains in general.  The word “Shinkansen” actually means “New Trunk Line.”  It was given this name when the first part of the system was built in 1964.  The name actually refers to the railroad line, but it is now used to refer to Japan’s system of high speed trains.

There are three main types of Japanese drama.  They are Noh plays, Kabuki, and Bunraku, which is done with large puppets that are held and manipulated by people on the stage.  The technique of folding paper is the very famous “origami” technique.  There are, of course, many religious rituals and varieties of tea in Japan, but Shinkansen is not the name of any of them.


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