Is Janice Dickery a junior year drop-out in The Pigman?

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Janice Dickery dropped out of school in her junior year.

Janice Dickery is one of the first girls who arrive at the party at the Pigman's house. John says she is "a lovely, sweet girl" who is "very mature;" she dances alone (John calls it "shaking") on the makeshift dance floor with only another guy, Gary Friman, playing the drums, and creates quite a sensation. Janice Dickery had apparently had to leave school because of a problem with another student, Jack Braun. John does not specify the exact nature of the problem, but does indicate that it was, if not an unwanted pregnancy, something having to do with her sexuality. He says,

"Like I told you, she's very mature, and when she shakes, you can understand how come she had to drop out of school in her junior year."

Janice Dickery is deeply involved in the chaos that makes the party at the Pigman's a disaster. She is one of the girls that masquerades in Mr. Pignati's deceased wife Conchetta's dresses, and is the focus of an angry confrontation with Jack Braun, who had been invited to the party but had refused to come when he learned Janice Dickery was going to be there. Despite his initial refusal, Jack Braun does show up at the front door while the party is in full swing, demanding to see Janice Dickery (Chapter 13).

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