Who are the main characters in Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë? How would you describe them? 

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The main characters in Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë are described below.

Jane Eyre: The eponymous protagonist of the book is introduced as a poor relation of Aunt Reed, physically unattractive, and of a somewhat independent and rebellious character. She describes herself as "poor, obscure, plain, and little". She is sent to a charity school, and then accepts a job as a governess, working for Mr. Rochester and taking care of his child, Adele. Eventually, she turns out to be an heiress, and marries Mr. Rochester.

Mr. Rochester: He is the love interest of the book, wealthy and handsome, albeit with somewhat brusque manners. He is engaged to Blanche Ingram, but actually married to Bertha Mason, who is insane. His character is both passionate and cynical,  with little regard for conventions. He eventually falls in love with and marries Jane Eyre, after Bertha dies and he is blinded in a fire.

Bertha Mason Rochester: Bertha is Mr. Rochester's insane wife who lives in his attic, cared for by Mrs. Poole. They were married in Jamaica, and Rochester only gradually became aware of her inherited madness.

Adele Varens: Adele is an illegitimate child of Mr. Rochester, and Jane is hired to be her governess. Adele is French, and a charming, mercurial, and somewhat spoiled young woman.

Mrs. Reed: Mrs. Reed is a strict evangelical and a harsh disciplinarian, who is an extremely unsympathetic character at the start of the novel, but redeems herself on her deathbed. 

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