Can you please explain the Jane-Bingley courtship?

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Jane Bennet meets Charles Bingley at a ball held at Netherfield, after her father made a call on Bingley as a neighborly gesture of a country gentleman.

When Jane and Bingley lock eyes at the ball, they are instantly attracted to each other.  Jane is the most beautiful of the Bennet sisters, in addition to being beautiful from a distance, she is just as beautiful up close and easy to love.  Jane is amiable, kind and generous of heart, she is aptly matched with Mr. Bingley who is also amiable, as well as kind and very very rich.

After they meet at Netherfield, Jane falls in love with Charles Bingley instantly.  

"Jane and Bingley's relationship continues to deepen during family visits, balls, and dinners. His sisters pretend to like Jane, but are appalled by her mother's vulgarities, her younger sisters' wild, loose manners, and their lower economic position among the landed gentry."

Jane rides on horseback to accept an invitation to Netherfield and gets caught in a terrible rainstorm which results in her becoming quite ill.  She remains at Netherfield recovering from a serious cold, while there, she learns that Miss Bingley makes fun of the Bennet family behind their back, mocking them, especially for Lydia and Kitty's behavior.

Jane and Charles continue to see each other up to the point where Jane expects that Bingley will propose marraige to her. However, suddenly and without notice, the Bingley family leaves Netherfield and goes to London, leaving word that they will not be returning to the country.

Jane is heartbroken, believing that she was somehow found undesirable by the Bingley family, causing them to leave the country in a great hurry.  Elizabeth is not so convinced, she longs to find out why Charles left so abruptly and ends up discovering that it was Darcy who discouraged his attentions toward Jane.  He advised his friend that he believed that Jane did not love him, so Bingley took his advice and left the country and Jane behind.  

Many events transpire between Bingley's leaving the country and his return to claim Jane's hand in marriage, including Lydia running away with Wickham, Darcy intervening, forcing Wickham to marry Lydia, Lady Catherine DeBourgh confronting Elizabeth about her purported engagement to Darcy and Elizabeth's visit to Mr. & Mrs. Collins, as well as Elizabeth's touring the country with Mr. & Mrs. Gardiner.

Bingley and Darcy return to Netherfield, and shortly after, Bingley comes to Longbourne and asks for Jane's hand in marriage.  Darcy proposes to Elizabeth for a second time, and she says yes, the sisters have a double wedding. 

parulgandhi | Student

Mr.Charles Bingley and Jane Bennet meet for the first time at a ball in Meryton.Mr.Bingley is immediately awe struck by Jane'a beauty and dances with her more than any other young lady present there.Jane and Mr.Bingley find that they are quite similar to each other,both being agreeable,sweet-tempered and kind.Both of them get along quite well and are even infatuated with each other.Jane and Bingley,much to their pleasure,see each other often in forthcoming days and indeed fall in love with each other.Their fondness for each other is apparent and everyone around them see their engagement in near future as something obvious.

Mr.Bingley then leaves Netherfield and goes to London where he stays all winters without even knowing that even Jane is in London.Mr.Darcy and Charles's sisters also convince him that Jane is not in love with him.Nevertheless,he is unable to forget Jane.
Even Jane fails to stop loving Charles.
When Bingley meets Elizabeth in Derbyshire,he inquires with great interest.about Jane.On returning to Netherfield,he visits the Bennets often and eventually proposes to Jane who happily accepts it.
Jane and Charles relationship is a charming one with smooth progress.

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