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How do you write the Conclusion in an Abstract for a literary Thesis paper at the Master's degree level? Hello,Jane Austen's three novels: I have to write a thesis about three novels for Jane Auten (Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibilty and Emma). My supervisor asked me to write about "sense and self-restraint" in these three novels. But I am finding difficulty in writing the Conclusion in the Abstract because I am writing the Abstract now.   Many thanks for your help.

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In an academic Thesis paper Abstract, the last portion explains what results you found and what your results mean, which includes your Conclusion. Assuming that you have done enough research to know--at least generally--how the twin ideas of sense and self-restraint are demonstrated in Emma, Pride and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibility, then the final portion of your Abstract will give a broad overview of what you write in your Thesis Conclusion, which reflects back on your Introduction with reference to what you have proven in your entire Thesis paper (differentiating from "thesis statement").

Based on what you say, you are at the beginning stages and are writing a pre-composition Abstract. Therefore, your Conclusion, summarized in your Abstract, can only be a "best guess." Even if you've done initial research and you have your thesis statement (the idea you will prove or disprove) in mind, your in-depth research may shed new light on your project and thereby modify your Conclusion.

So, two things: (1) your initial Abstract will explain your Thesis Conclusion in light of what you expect you will find and what you expect it will mean; (2) according to standard university guidelines, after the completion of your Thesis, you will rewrite your Abstract in its final form to take into account modifications that may arise as a result of in-depth research.

[For more information, see Write the summary/abstract, Monash University.]

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Three novels is a tall order for one answer but I will mention a strong theme related to self-restraint in Pride and Prejudice and Emma by Jane Austen. One feature that unites both novels is the self-restraint issues that both Lydia and Emma have. Lydia's lack of control issues are to do with the ingenuous nature of the young.She is a gullible,suggestible,impulsive teen and so to a certain extent we can understand her lack of self-control when she elopes. Emma's lack of restraint is a little more set as she is older. She is both unwise and impulsive in her hurtful comments, taking no time to gauge their effects on certain members of the excursion group. You could mention these issues in your conclusion, having built them in to the main body of your assignment, with quotes ie:

'badly done Emma! Badly done!'

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