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James Thurber is unabashed to laugh at his foibles during his "University Days." Give at least two examples from his essay to support this statement.

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As God is my witness, I’ll arrange this glass [microscope] so that you see cells through it or I’ll give up teaching…

James Thurber writes about his struggles to survive his college stint at Ohio State University in his humorous essay “University Days.”  Thurber does not mind laughing at himself while recounting his frustrating classes that kept him from graduating. His narration is first person with his wry sense of humor shining through.

The first absurd class situation was his botany class.  In order to graduate, Thurber had to pass a science class.  Both he and his professor struggled through two attempts of Thurber trying to make the grade. The problem lay in Thurber’s inability to see anything through a microscope. Without his glasses, Thurber was unable to see anything.  Looking through a microscope with thick glasses made it impossible for Thurber to see a cell and draw it:

 So we tried every adjustment of the microscope known to man. With one of them I saw a...

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