In James Joyce's story "Araby," how does Mangan's sister represent Ireland? 

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Before talking specifically about Mangan's sister in James Joyce's "Araby," it's worth mentioning that Irish literature has a long history of using female characters as symbols and personifications of Ireland. One of the most famous examples of this trope can be found in W.B. Yeats and Lady Gregory's play, Cathleen ni Houlihan . In this play, the main character (the eponymous Cathleen) begins as an old woman wandering the countryside and lamenting the loss of her four green fields. This character is often read as a symbol of occupied Ireland, as Cathleen's four green fields roughly correspond to Ireland's traditional four provinces. Furthermore, Cathleen's transformation at the end of a play into a young woman can be seen as a symbol of Ireland's projected rebirth, one that...

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