james joyce and the huge connection with mullingarIt wasn't until 2000 that as a mullingar man i realised that if joyce had not lived in Mullingarfor the 4-5 weeks with his father . That his most...

james joyce and the huge connection with mullingar

It wasn't until 2000 that as a mullingar man i realised that if joyce had not lived in Mullingarfor the 4-5 weeks with his father . That his most famous book of all would never have been written. Ulysses's , stephen hero , a portrait of a young man , and finnigans wake , all contain a mention of mullingar .

but why you may ask . well let the discussion begin

jackthestroller | Student

hi Epollock,

Of course something happened to joyce in mullingar one afternoon ,actually not to far from where i live ,just 20 meters away from my door.It was an event that etched all the good things and bad thing that he encountered in mullingar  in his mind forever.

A patient from the local mental hospital had escaped and tragically drowned in the royal canal .Joyce stood at the banks of the royal canal and witnessed the patient being pulled from the canal.The patient was pronounced dead at the scene .

This scene deeply troubled joyce and even later in his life  his daughter was suffering from a mental illness most of her life.It is thought that this scene haunted joyce all of his life .However it was this moment in time that he used all of his writing skills later in his life to put pen to paper and almost use his books as a way to pour all his emotions ,some good and a little bad of his brief stay in mullingar into his books .I wonder as you said  did worsworth have the same sort of emotional spells in the places that he visited with his sister.Like for instance did worsworth also see something disturbing among all the lovely things that he saw that happened on his visits in the many locations.

 Is it a common trait in writers and poets to absorb a moment  in time . Like I'll be honest with you . There has been loads of areas in my life .Beautiful places , But i cant remember them.we have digital cameras but they didnt.I'm glad you liked the link .spread the word

epollock | Student


Great link, thanks.  Even though he visited the place when he was a young man, he did vividly remember the place and you can see it in many of his writings.

The same can be said with Worsworth. He visted many locations with his sister and he wrote about them years later from a single narrator perspective. 

jackthestroller | Student

hi epollock .Thanks for your post ,However much environment plays a part on someones writings.The fact remains that when joyce visited mullingar on just 2 occasions .He was only a young man .And had not even started writing yet.He came to mullingar with his father.His father at the time was employed by the county to fix the register of electors at the time . I have a very good link for you to check out .

the link is an audio link of a tour i recorded a few years ago on blooms day in mullingar .the audio is an hour long and can be downloaded for free . here is the link


I hope you enjoy the tour as its jaw dropping stuff .

regards jack

epollock | Student

James Joyce and his connection to Mullingar is another piece of evidence that we, as people, are products of our heredity and our environment.  In Joyce's case, environment did play an awful large part in shaping him in who he was, and also allowing him to use these settings to help explain the characters of which he writes.

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