In Jacob I Have Loved, during the concert, what effect does Caroline's song have upon the audience? 

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In the book Jacob I have Loved, Caroline's school is having a Saturday night concert.  Mr. Rice sets the lights up with the assistance of some of the boys.  Arrangements are established as to who will sing in the concert.  Betty Jean Boyd is planning on singing "Oh, Holy Night."  Betty Jean has a lovely voice, but her voice cannot outshine Caroline's voice.  When Betty Jean sings, she accidentally falls flat on one of her notes.

Mr. Rice arranged the song that Caroline will sing for the crowd.  Caroline's voice is considered fantastic in her school.  The audience is awaiting her solo performance.  

"Caroline's voice. after all, was our school treasure," (Patterson, p. 36)."

When Caroline begins to sing, she is in the back of the others.  Her voice is heard by the audience as it travels like light across the dark room.  Her song is about Jesus and questions His decision to die for ornery people.

Caroline's voice seems lonely and yet moving.  The song is clear and sweet and comes, and when she intensifies her voice, it lures the people in and they begin singing.  She repeats the song and holds the high G note for an extended period.  Her length and comfort at holding the note is incredible. Her song ends with silence in the room.  

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