In Jacob Have I Loved, what do you see as the main differences and similarities between Sara Louise and Caroline?

Expert Answers

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Sara Louise (as she prefers to be called) and Caroline have much in common. They are twins. They live on a small island called Rass in the Chesapeake Bay with their parents and grandmother. They both attend the same high school and share many experiences. They both took piano lessons as children.

They are also very different from one another. Sara Louise was born first and was a healthy baby. Caroline was born sickly and needed extra care. Caroline has "blonde curls framing a face that is glowing with laughter," while Sara Louise has darker features. Caroline was much better at playing piano than Sara Louise when they were young. She becomes a talented pianist, and she also has a beautiful singing voice. Caroline takes vocal lessons on the mainland to further develop her talent, while Sara Louise prefers to spend her time outdoors.

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