Jacob or Edward?Pick one and explain why =] This should go on for a while. 

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dswain001 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

 I was Team Jacob all the way. I was furious with Edward for leaving Bella the way he did. But, after I finished the series, I realized that Edward was the one that Bella should have been with. SPOILER ALERT!!:In Breaking Dawn, Jacob imprints with Renesmee, Bella and Edward's daughter. Which leads me to believe that perhaps Jacob never really wanted to be with Bella. He was most likely drawn to her all this time because she was Renesmee's mother.

zumba96 | Student

I don't know I liked Jacob but for me Jacob protected her and was nice to her when Edward left but I just thought it was wrong for Jacob to forcefully kiss her. I felt bad because she left him right away for Edward but I think I would have liked it a bit better if Edward wasn't a vampire to be honest. 

crystaltu001 | Student

I pick Jacob because i don't know why but i have liked him all along. You can really tell that Jacob cares for Bella even when Edward was not there, Jacob was the one that was there for her and protected her. I kind of felt bad for him when Bella still went back with Edward.

udonbutterfly | Student

I am going to have to go with Edward. When it came to Edward he was more about Bella's feelings as opposed to Jacob who tried to manipulate Bella in choosing him. Edward was all-round the most unselfish on of the two whereas Jacob used every tactic to get Bella to admit she liked him. If it were me it would be Edward all day for his selfless attitude.

jades113 | Student
I'd pick: Neither. A Few Reasons Why I Wouldn't Pick Edward: A.) He's too overprotective. B.) He's too pushy. C.) He's too controlling. D.) We'd never get old together, and have the experiences that go along with it. E.) I'd hate to live forever. F.) He'd never reach a higher level of maturity. A Few Reasons Why I Wouldn't Pick Jacob: A.) He has a tendancy to be a jerk. B.) He's way too immature. C.) He has way too much of a temper. D.) He's way too close-minded. E.) He's way too predjudiced. So those were a few reasons why I would pick neither Jacob, nor Edward.
twi-teen | Student

I think twilight is the most open-wide book that has been sold. It has been sold in 15 different languages! I LOVE ''New Moon'' I think it is really basic and easy to like. I think that it is sweeter than all the other books.

twi-teen | Student

I totally pick Jacob! Because deep down he is loving and conpationate. Plus u kno Bella has the most fun with Jacob! He is also totally cute! Because it is Taylor Lautner HE IS HOT!

glocarroll | Student

Definitley Edward him and Bella were meant for eachother plus through everything that happened with Bella,Edward,and Jacob Edward was there to protect her more and he wasn't afraid to let Bella know how he felt towards her not to mention when she was giving bith to Renessme Edward was by her side from beginning to end he didnt leave like Jacob did.

lacrossemom | Student

Also, when Bella first met Jacob, there were no "sparks".  It was more like seeing someone you haven't seen for a few years.  You could tell from their first meeting when Jacob comes over with the truck, that their relationship has no "zing".  Jacob seems more interested in Bella than she is in him (on a romantic level).  It was obvious that nothing romantic from their childhood days was carried over to present time.  However, when Bella first saw Edward, she automatically felt a desire for him.  He was constantly in her thoughts and she was anxious to see him even though he didn't seem "that into her".  Jacob didn't have the effect on her.  She was definitely more drawn to Edward than she was Jacob.  Edward made a far greater initial impact on Bella than Jacob did.  Right there, it told me that Jacob might possibly be in the picture only if Edward was completely out of it or ceased to exist. 

lacrossemom | Student

I think that the bond between Bella & each of the men is so very different and interesting.  Jacob brings out the tomboy in Bella whereas Edward brings out the oft hidden feminine side.  Bella initially sought out Jacob to get info. on the Cullens. Then, when she heard Edward's voice in her head when she took the cliff diving risk, she wanted to hear it again.  She found the motorcycle & knew that Jacob was handy and could help her "find" Edward's voice.  She thought the danger of the motorcycle would bring it Edward's voice back.  I think it was longing to hear Edward's voice & having some connection to Edward that involved her with Jacob.  Jacob was the means to Edward's voice which Bella desired to hear.  If she really wanted to be w/Jacob, she would've gone to him w/o the pretense of the motorcycle.  I wonder if she hadn't heard Edward's voice while doing something dangerous, she would've bothered with the motorcycle & further building on her relationship with Jacob. I think Bella's bond w/Jacob was more of a "familiar" bond; she considered him as brother.  It seemed like Jacob wanted a more romantic bond with Bella. Bella's relationship with Edward is on par w/that of Romeo & Juliet, but her relationship w/Jacob doesn't quite meet that passion.  From the start, it seems as if Bella's relationship with Jacob is quite contrary of the kind she wishes with Edward. 

sraguilera | Student

I pick Edward because of how Bella feels when she is with him.  Her character makes you feel what she feels and her love is so deep one can only get butterflies in the pit of their stomach reading about Edward.  His character is the perfect example of the perfect romance that every girl dreams about.  He is her savior, lover, best friend and compassionate all wrapped into one.

I like Jacob as a contrast to Edward.  He is the fun loving goofy guy friend that Bella can relate to on a different level.

marinda11 | Student

i pick edward cause he is more mature

scarc91989 | Student

Overall, I would choose Edward. But I also think that Jacob is cool.

I like Edward better because he is mature, thinks things through, has a sense of humor, is witty, and is really trying to be a good person deep down. He also loves Bella unconditionally. He does have his bad qualities, but ... doesn't everyone?

I like Jacob because he is really funny. I think he is the comic relief in the series. He likes Bella as more than a friend, but I don't think he truly loves her. I'd have to agree with people's theory that he just loved Bella because she is Renesmee's mother.

missy1992 | Student

i have to say Edward because it is proven that Bella wasn't really the one Jacob wanted to be with.  (So rude)  and Edwards would do ANYTHING for bella.  he only left because he thought that it was the best thing for her.  he hated it at leatse as much as she did if not even more.

Plus he SO perfect!


oh and how do u people make those heads for ewhen u leave a mseesgae?

yobo | Student


bookfreak91 | Student

personally, edward has never done anything bad to Bella without keeping her in mind. Edward always looked out for her

jazz1027771 | Student

Although I like Jacob, I have to go with Edward because throughout the books the chemistry between him and Bella is palpable. It jumps right off the pages. And who doesn't want a man that will give you everything?

chuckett | Student

I pick Edward because he's what's best for bella and because she loves him. Her and Jacob don't belong with eachother, I used to want them to be together but I changed my mind.  Also if you read Breaking Dawn you will realize why I choose Edward way more then Jacob now.

ganibo | Student

i have to say that i mostly do like Edward. How could you not like him? i completely agree with rosaliehakecullen. that pretty much what girls look for in a guy, well that's what i look for in a guy but his looks are a major plus!

yobo | Student

Werewolves are actually safer than vampires. They can control there anger towards the ones they love while vampires turn into different people when they smell human blood.

And Edward is no way near as hot and funny as Jacob.

rosaliehalecullen | Student

it will definitely be edward...

imagine living with a werewolfe that can get easily angered and can harm you easily with one stroke???

like what happened to emily when sam accidentally hurt her...

living with a vampire is easier especially if he is like edward...


EDWARD is the guy for me...

EDWARD is a perfect guy for evry girl(minus the fact that he is a vampire) if he really exist.


he is sweet, thoughtful, gentleman, "inhumanly" beautiful and protective...


EDWARD is perfect... so what's not to like???

ganibo | Student

It's hard to choose since there both great but it depends on how you look at it. If like a more mature person sometimes, then its Edward. If you like a fun a sometimes stupid person then its Jacob.

degrassite101 | Student


tokiohotel | Student

i agree with yobo jacob is so hot!<3

yobo | Student
Jacob or Edward?

Pick one and explain why =] This should go on for a while. 

Jacob because he's simply the best looking.

jcw1997 | Student

Its very hard to choose so i dont know which i would pick.

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