Andrew Jackson's Presidency Questions and Answers

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Which of the following statements tells why Andrew Jackson disliked the Bank of the United States? a. he was from the West and because it was too Hamiltonian. b. he was from the North and the bank had ruined him. c. because the bank refused to make land loans to Tennesee d. all the above

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The best answer from these choices is A.

First, as a test-taking tip, you should be able to eliminate D as a possible answer.  This is because A and B contradict one another.  There is no way that Jackson could have been from both the West and the North.

The best answer is A.  Jackson was from what was then the West.  He was a Democrat.  His party believed more in Jeffersonian ideas than Hamiltonian ones.  The Bank of the United States was Hamilton’s idea in the first place.  In addition, it was seen as something that helped rich manufacturers as Hamilton would have liked, not yeoman farmers as Jefferson wanted.

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