Jack, Ralph, and Piggy are unique individuals. Referring to the first three chapters of Lord of the Flies, assess the strengths and weaknesses of each boy's character.

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  • Strengths: Jack has proven leadership skills and authority from his experience being the head choir boy; his fellow choir boys listen to his orders and follow his lead.  Jack also demonstrates intuition in chapter three as he tracks the pigs' trail and tries to figure out how to catch and kill one.
  • Weaknesses:  Jack shows himself not to be very caring or sensitive to other people's feelings, like when he berates Piggy at their first meeting.  He cannot kill the first piglet he catches; he hesitates because of his fear of actually using the knife on another living thing, and the piglet gets away. 


  • Strengths: The littluns and other boys look up to Ralph for his size, appearance, athletic ability.  Ralph possesses the conch which gives him an air of authority at the beginning of the novel.  He is elected chief over Jack.
  • Weaknesses:  Ralph struggles to lead the other boys, like when they got out of control making the first fire.  In chapter three, he points out that nothing is being accomplished, because he cannot keep the boys focused on their duties, like building the huts and keeping the fire lit.


  • Strengths: Piggy shows intellect, an ability to reasoning and use logic.  Piggy is compassionate toward the littluns and makes the other boys listen to their concerns about the "snake-thing" (35). 
  • Weaknesses:  Physically weaker than the other boys, Piggy wears glasses and has asthma.  His larger size and glasses make him an obvious target for the other boys who mockingly call him "Fatty" at first.

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