If Jack had been elected leader and Ralph appointed hunter, would the story have ended differently?If Jack had been elected leader and Ralph appointed hunter, would the story have ended differently?

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ralph would probably not have been a good hunter.  He most likely would not have painted his face to blend in with his surroundings like Jack did.  He wouldn't have had the stealth or the patience.  Jack realizes, when he paints his face and as he practices and hones his hunting skills, that to catch a wild beast, he has to think and act like a wild beast.  Ralph wouldn't have realized that.  Chances are the boys would have had to subsist on fruits and anything unlucky enough to stumble into a trap or pit that Ralph might have made for hunting.  Jack would have become tyrannical sooner probably. Jack wouldn't have tolerated the littluns' playing when they were supposed to be working.  I believe that more would have been accomplished with Jack as leader, but it would have been accomplished because the others feared what might happen to them if they didn't do as they were told.  Some of Jack's henchmen, like Roger who is mean and a bully, would have taken advantage of any leadership position given to them and possibly abused those he was in charge of.  Jack would have turned a blind eye to such activity as long as he was seeing the results he wanted to see.  What I'm describing is a dictatorship and that's what the island would have had under Jack's guidance because Jack had a thirst for power.  We saw this in him from the very beginning and how he treated the choir boys in chapter 1.

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