The Lottery Questions and Answers
by Shirley Jackson

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I want to know all the characters in the lottery.

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I will refer you to the link below to get a list of all of the characters, and a full description of them. I will, however, give you a brief run-down of them.

Mr. and Mrs. Adams are one of the few couples who question the lottery.

Mrs. Delacroix is a pleasant, friendly woman at the beginning of the story, but she tries to pick up a huge stone to throw at Tessie.

Mrs. Dunbar is the only woman who must draw for her family because her husband is home with a broken leg, reflecting the patriarchal (male-controlled) society. She doesn't want to participate in Tessie's stoning.

Mr. Graves is the postmaster, the second most powerful official in the community, representing the tradition of keeping things as they are. His wife accepts the lottery and is at the front when the stoning begins.

Bill Hutchinson's wife, Tessie, is selected to be sacrificed. Bill accepts this without question.

Tessie Hutchinson is the mother of four who "wins" the lottery and is stoned to death. Her last words are how unfair the lottery is.

Mr. Martin, a grocer, holds the lottery box while the slips are drawn.

Joe Summers is the village's most powerful and wealthy man and the administrator of the lottery. He keeps saying how important it is to keep the tradition of the lottery.
Old Man Warner is the oldest man in the village who has survived the lottery seventy-seven times. He feels it's necessary for the survival of the village.

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