ive questions and the answer you would ask in chapter 15 in the Silver Sword?lease think before you type.

lucyhannah | Student

1) What was the British officer's wife's name?


2) What was the driver of the jeep's name?


3) "he sat down in the driver's seat and started fiddling with the controls". who is the writer referring to?

Bistro, the chimpanzee.

4) Was this the first time that Jan and the British Officer met? Why? (quote from the book).

No, it was not the first time because: "I recognized him as a boy we'd nearly run down the street the day before."

5) to make Jan understand that he had to 'put the brake on', what did the officer do?

he pantomined the action.

6) what did Bristo throw at the british officer?

first, he threw the wheel brace, and then he threw the whole tool-box at him.

7) what did bistro eat and from where did he get the 'food'?

bistro eat some fleas from his chest.

8) The British Officer found out that Jan had a sixth sense when he saw him doing that 'gesture' with Bistro. What sixth sense did Jan have?

Jan's sixth sense was to understand what animal's are telling him.

9) How does the British officer describe Edek?

he described him as brave, intelligent and as if he suffered a lot.

10) Bronia was similiar to who?

similiar to Jenny, the british officer's daughter.

11) Jan had firm over what?

jan had firm over the chimpanzee named Bristo.

hope i helped you....and that you got the idea of what i meant!