I've just finished a very long journal interviewing a grandparent about their life history. I'm a social work major. After doing this long assignment, what would be a good reason to consider working as a social work gerontologist (working with the elderly)

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As a social work major who has completed a long project on the life of an elderly person, you are in a very strong position to make judgements about potential career paths in social work. Some options you could consider include the experience, knowledge and valuable insights you have now gained which would be possibly wasted if you didn't go on to use your new talents in this field for the benefit of the vulnerable elderly. Another reason to consider gerontology as a career path is that these days the elderly are more vulnerable than ever, and need people like us to advocate for them and guard against exploitation due to the tightened funds in the recession. Fiscal planning and policy decisions are another area you could work in because, although slightly removed from clients and patients, this is a highly significant department and needs monitoring to check that elderly people are not sidelined when it comes to assigning lessening social funding. Working in the community is of course very rewarding and many adult social care workers say the feeling of being so highly valued is difficult to replace as you experience the joy and gratitude every day.

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