ive got to do a science experiment on subway, is it really healthy for you, just wondering if anyone knows any hard hitting facts! thanks

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wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator
I assume you're talking about the restaurant subway in this instance. You might want to start with some basic nutritional facts. Subway publishes a lot of nutritional information and most of it can be found on their website. For the most part, this is a fairly healthy place to eat except for one main nutritional factor, salt. Cut deli meats contain a high amount of salt. In some cases, one sandwich can fill your daily recommended amount of salt for the day; of course, this depends on what you are ordering. I can think of many ways to compare the nutritional value of sandwiches to other foods, but I'm not sure what type of experiment you are looking for. You could always try to preservatives test. This is where you take a sandwich from the restaurant and leave it sitting out to see how long it takes to begin to decay. I've seen this done with hamburgers before and the results are interesting. I had a student compare a homemade hamburger to a fast food hamburger. The homemade burger didn't last through a day before it started to look bad, but the fast food burger made it a month and still looked fine (although it was hard as a rock).
jackspence | Student

thank you very much, im sure this will help me alot. thanks