what are some literary works that connect to this quote? "it's a reader's job to give their honest opinion about a book even if it is horrible"what are some literary works that connect to this quote?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator


There are some books that I have read that I really didn't like. Often I do think they are good books. I just don't enjoy reading them. I can usually find almost anything to like in a book. There are always things I would do differently though. It really depends on what I am thinking and feeling as I read.

e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You might turn to examples of metafiction to find some actual pieces of fiction that may relate to the idea in the quote you provide.

Crime & Punishmentis a work that has a piece of fiction in it, a work which is discussed and debated within the story. 

Don Quixoteis another example of a text that offers an opinion on other works of fiction.  


mjay25 | Student

I would say yes, it is the responsibility of the reader to give their honest opinion. In doing so however, one shouldn't resort to defamatory remarks, but rather say what didn't work in the book. What was wrong withthe plot, was the language unengaging, was the subject matter distasteful. Giving your opinion on a book makes you a critic. And critics do not always praise books.

However, what may seem 'bad' to one reader may interest another. So views vary, and people aren't expected to have the same views, especially when it comes to opinions on books, since each reader brings their own experiences and understandings as well as interpretations to each reading experience.

gabriel55554 | Student

yes because the reader needs to read the book that they are interasted in and what I think it would be the reader choose if the book is horrible