It's my understanding that Carlisle turned Edward when he was just a baby, so how, if vampires don't age, is Edward seemingly seventeen?This is just a general question about the series. I just...

It's my understanding that Carlisle turned Edward when he was just a baby, so how, if vampires don't age, is Edward seemingly seventeen?

This is just a general question about the series. I just started reading them and i'm already on the third one so this question could have very well been answered and I missed it bc i've read them so fast. Sorry if it's a silly question

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I haven't the read the books, I admit, but I did watch the Twilight movie. In the movie, at least, Dr. Carlisle bit Edward when he looked around seventeen years old. There was a somewhat graphic flashback scene showing the moment that Edward was turned. Edward certainly wasn't a baby in that scene. The movie would probably want to stay true to the book as much as possible, and I don't imagine why they wouldn't have portrayed the turning accurately. Also, considering how vampires don't age, it makes the most sense that Edward was bitten at the age of seventeen.

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Edward was changed into a vampire when he was 17. Therefore even though he is almost 100 he seems as if he is 17 since once they turn into a vampire they do not age. Vampire children are different because if they are turned when they are children they do not have the brain to recognize what they are doing. 

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When people are changed into vampires at any age in the book they aging process completely stops at that point. So yeah Edward can be seen as still 17 even though he's over almost over 100 years of age. He's practically forever stuck being 17 that why it's said that he's 17. Take the vampire children for an example. When they are turned they were forever children with children mentalities which threatened the existence of Vampires since they could easy expose Vampirism, this is why the Voltaire put a stop vampire children.

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That's what I though too. But actually he was about to die when he was 17. So pretty much, after Edward's mom died, 17 years later edward was about to die, than Carlisle turned him into a vampire.


I hope this helps! :)

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Carlise didnt change Edward when he was a baby he Changed him when he was 17 and they dont age so he always has been he was born in 1901 and changed in 1918 dying of the spainish influenza

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Carlisle change Edward into a vampire in the year of 1918, Edward was born in 1901 on June 20. So therefore Edward was changed when he was 17 years of age.



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Edward was seventeen and he and his parents were dying of the Spanish Influenza. Edward's dad died, then his mom, and he was very, very close to being next, but his mom begged Carlisle to save Edward with any means possible, so he turned Edward into a vampire to save him.

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Carlisle turned Edward into a vampire when he was seventeen. Edward was dying from the Spanish Influenza.

"Carlisle found me in a hospital in the summer of 1918. I was seventeen, and dying of the Spanish influenza." - Chapter 14 (Mind Over Matter)