What is one issue or dilemma in the current Federal public administration?

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This a good question. There are many issues and hardships in all administrations and this one is no exception. 

Let me name two issues. 

First, Obama is dealing with the IRS scandal. As you probably know the IRS under his administration targeted conservative groups. Groups with names like "Tea Party" were singled out and given a hard time in incorporating. This caused quite a bit of stir as loyal citizen groups were the object of undue and unfair scrutiny.

Second, the current administration is dealing with a delicate relationship with China. One issue in particular is the issue of cyber-ethics. Before Obama met with the President of China, there was strong rhetoric that China must stop cyber-attacks. After the meeting with the Chinese president, the rhetoric changed. We must fight together to stop cyber-attacks. 

As you can see, Obama does not want to endorse or alienate the Chinese.