The issue of "Designer Babies" ! PLS So, I have to find as many reasons as I can for being "WITH" the issue of designer babies!While my partner is against.. & the one who will be more convincing.. will get the mark! (yea 4 my presentation)!P.S:( Other than making the baby looks like what his/her parents desire or to avoid gene defect/immutaions)?So, bring it up! Why u r WITH the issue of designer babies (let`s say u r)! ???PLS anyone? I need convincing reasonable thoughts.. I`d really appreciate it if anyone can helpThnx in advance!

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In our lives as parents, we try to do everything possible (within reason) to help our children grow up to be successful.  We read to our children and we bring them to see educational things.  We go to great lengths to make sure they have chances to play sports, to learn music, to participate in activities with other kids and, of course, we try out best to help them be good students.

If we go to all these lengths to help them when they are alive, why should we not help them have better characteristics when they are born?  If we can make them more intelligent or more attractive, why would we not want to do this?

So I would portray it as a natural attempt to give your child the best life possible -- something that every parent wants.

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